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This Is How Dirty Your Office Desk Really Is

Thought the office cleaners were enough to keep germs away? Think again.

Research from the University of Arizona has found there’s certainly no shortage of bacteria floating around your work space and we’re sorry to tell you, men are the biggest culprits.

While humans are largely responsible for germs for lurking around, the study found that compared to women, men have three to four times the number of bacteria lurking around their work area. 

Although some scientists suggest this might be down to men having bigger desks, on average, males have lower standards of person hygiene. 

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Researchers found that the micro-flora (bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes) was pretty consistent in offices across a city but geographical surroundings can also affect strains present.

For example the climate and temperature in two different cities could affect the type of bacteria.  

However, strains found in offices from two different buildings are more identical than strains found in a kitchen and office in the same building.  

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