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Johnny Depp’s Outrageous Spending Habits Have Been Revealed

If you thought splurging 20 dollars for avo on toast was a lot, think again. Pirates of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp is making headlines after his spending habits went public following an interview with Rolling Stone.

The Nightmare on Elm Street actor has had some had some questionable financial choices, which include forgetting to cancel a lease on a $30,000-a-month L.A. rental house.

In a list put together by The Cut, here’s everything Depp is alleged to have spent his money on:

  • A 10,500-square-foot rented mansion in London’s Highgate neighbourhood.
  • A personal chef who prepares Depp and Rodrick a “three-course meal of pad thai, duck and gingerbread with berries.”
  • A 1940 Harley-Davidson.
  • The Viper Room, formerly owned by Bugsy Siegel.
  • An 8,000-square-foot estate nicknamed “Dracula’s Castle.”
  • Millions of dollars on a legal team “to bail him out of numerous legal crises” and pay “hush money.”
  • $75 million for 14 residences.
  • $3 million to shoot his friend Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes into the sky from a cannon.
  • $7,000 on a couch from the set of Keeping Up With the Kardashians for his daughter.
  • 70 guitars.
  • 200 pieces of art, including Basquiats and Warhols.
  • 45 luxury vehicles.
  • $200,000 a month on private air travel. 
  • A sound engineer on the payroll so he could feed him lines through an earpiece while filming.
  • 12 storage facilities for his Hollywood memorabilia, largely of Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe.
  • $1.2 million to keep a doctor on call.
  • $1.8 million a year on round-the-clock security.
  • Upwards of $30,000 a month on wine.
  • An island in the Bahamas.
  • A French villa for his ex Vanessa Paradis and their kids.
  • A $30,000-a-month L.A. rental house for his mom before she died, which continued to run up charges because “according to Depp, the Mandels forgot to cancel the lease.”
  • A Hollywood Hills compound, “where Depp had purchased five homes that he had knitted together into an urban estate.”
  • A wedding, and rent and mortgage payments for his sister Christi.
  • $1 million on his wedding to his ex Amber Heard.
  • A $7 million payment to Heard after she sued him for domestic abuse.

Depp will next appear in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, rumoured for release later this year. 

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