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9 Blokes Share How Long They Lasted Their First Time

Over/Under 60 seconds? - by Alex Pierotti

In case you’ve missed every awkward high-school sex-comedy film ever made (think American Pie, Superbad), there’s a certain assumption that the first time you partake in bedroom rodeo, you’re not going to last the distance. Hell, you might even erupt after one stroke or one thrust. But, we also know that Hollywood likes to exaggerate for a few extra lols.

So just how long do people usually last when it comes to their first sweat session? You’ll be pleasantly surprised if the folk over at Reddit are anything to go by. Turns out users of the popular opinion-sharing site lasted anywhere between one pump, one minute or one hour. Here’s what they had to say about their first time: 

“The first time my partner and I had sex neither of us orgasmed. It’s not really a requirement of sex. We still had a ton of fun.” – @Happyredpikmin

“I was able to put in just the tip of my boy and then exploded immediately. We laughed it off, however, and drank a glass of Gin Tonic as a celebration! Still a fond memory today. And over the following moths, the sex got better too.” – @freiherrvonvesque

“Three pumps.” – @Exex123

“I never ended up finishing at all actually, maybe it was nerves, maybe I just really didn’t know what I was doing.” – @Niggatello69

“About 1 min.  Once I got a little more experience under my belt I’d jerk off before going out to help ease the urge. That would allow me fuck like a machine for a while.” – @GypsyNetwork

“1st time a little over 1h, probably because I came a couple hours before and the 2nd time about 5min.” – @fschnell

“I didn’t last, she came around an hour and a half in. I had to jerk myself of to finish. Nether the less it was great. The times after that she still came way earlier and I had to jerk myself of… After about 3 months I finally managed to come inside her (with a condom) Since then we both trained to orgasm together and it’s wonderful!” -@LifeIsntBad

“Didn’t use anything. Lasted somewhere in the region of 3-5 min? It wasn’t that vigorous though as it was both our first times so it was more about getting into a rhythm that we’re both used to than anything. She was learning how to angle her hips as well.” – @Sojurn83

“30 minutes. It ended when she shook my penis with her hands (PIV sex didn’t do it for me).” – @randomguy4433

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