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This Is How Long Women Want You To Last In Bed

Hands up if you still worry that you don’t last long enough in bed. Now cue a deep sigh of relief: women aren’t after a marathon.

According to a sub-thread on Reddit, when it comes to endurance in the sack, women want just one thing: for them to orgasm before you do.


One user, alexjohn15, puts it bluntly: ” I prefer for them to last until i come and then they can come. After my orgasm, I can’t have sex anymore until i’ve recovered from the first orgasm.” Another user, lady_cup, echoed the sentiment: “Exactly as long as I last ideally.”

When it came to a time limit, most redditers suggested 5-10 minutes and “anything longer makes me sore.”

Most women agreed they weren’t after a long distance runner, with 20 minutes being the longest they could tolerate. 

There it is fellas, you’ve only got 5-10 minutes to work your magic and you better hope they beat you to the finish line. Try the 10 sex positions that practically guarantee her orgasm to ensure you get her time and leave her satisfied!

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