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This Is How Much Australia’s Fittest Man Spends On Food Each Year

There’s a strong misconception that if you’re after a ripped physique, calories are the enemy. But when you’re training every day, you need to fuel your body to be able to both perform and recover. So it’s no surprise that Australia’s ‘fittest man’ is probably eating twice as much as someone twice his size. 

Speaking to, Under Armour ambassador and CrossFit Champion James Newbury explained just how much he eats each day and the damage it’s doing to his wallet.

Newbury, who hails from Adelaide, follows a strict diet to keep up his rig while having the energy to compete with the best. 

“I have to eat a lot of food, it varies a lot — but usually I eat between 5000-5500 calories when I’m competing,” says the 28-year-old.

“Every 3-4 days I spend $250 on groceries and buy organic where I can. My shopping bill can get a little crazy.”

The best thing about Newbury’s menu? It’s not just tuna and rice. 

“My go-to for brekkie is homemade pancakes,” explains Newbury.

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“They’re made with lots of eggs to give me a protein boost and almond milk with a pinch of salt and are usually served with a big smoothie that I make from berries, bananas, coconut water, protein mix and creatine.”

After his four-hour morning session, Newbury sneaks in a post-workout shake. His training varies; he mixes it up between Olympic weightlifting, aerobic workouts or functional movements. 

“I’m quite lucky in that my girlfriend is a mad scientist when it comes to nutrition,” he says

“Over the course of the seven years we’ve been together, we’ve figured out exactly what works best for my body and training.”

With the amount of training Newbury, it’s no shock that he also has to fit in two lunches – two hours apart – just to stay energised.

Here, he sticks to the traditional bodybuilding staples you might expect. 

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“Each time I eat I’ll have a big handful of kale, lightly seared in olive oil and sprinkled with Himalayan salt.

“I serve it with 150gm of salmon, chicken, beef or kangaroo along with the same amount of basmati rice.”

But what does he go for when he’s feeling a little peckish in the afternoon? Pro-tip: it’s easier to just blend everything together to hit your macros. 

“Sometimes I just can’t face eating anymore, so smoothies are the way I get the good stuff in.

“There’s always room for a little bit of indulgence,” he said. “I love ice cream too, it’s a naughty treat.”

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To finish off the day, just like lunch, he’s doubling up to make sure he’s giving his body the tools the recover overnight. Typical proteins like chicken and fish again feature. 

Going off his estimate of $250 every 3-4 days , he’s looking at just under $28,000 spent at the supermarket per year. That’s how expensive it is to be Australia’s ‘fittest man’

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