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How To Become A Champion Boarder

Scotty James is one of the Winter Olympics’ youngest ever competitors having ripped up the slopes of Vancouver in 2010 age 15. Now 22, the teenage sensation has continued his development and has his eye on gold in the 2018 South Korea Winter Games.


MH caught up with the gnarly dude to find out the four key tips if snow, ski lifts, huge air and bloody cold weather is what you’re after this winter.


Lean And Mean

“Diet wise snowboarders have to keep their learnt body fat to a minimum and stay lean,” says James.

“Being light is hugely important to manoeuvring the snowboard. Besides, I don’t want to be out there breaking my board everyday, they’re kind of expensive.”

Core Blimey

“I do a lot of spinning, running and swimming. I’m a big fan of getting in the pool, it’s great for improving lung capacity and I usually swim up to four times per week. I also train in a lot of different altitudes because obviously on the slopes we’re up in high climates.

“Then there is your core, it’s the key to having a strong centre of gravity and you have to train it hard.”

Facing Fears

“Listening to music helps determine my mood. I like a lot of hip-hop, rap and R&B but if I’m trying to get over something big (a massive scary jump) then I’ll pump up ACDC to get motivated.

“Also, I’m not ashamed of this, but I used to love Katy Perry’s “Firework” when I was growing up and going through growth spurts. Don’t ask why.”

Latest Technology

“I’ve been with Oakley for about seven years and they’ve been really creative in looking at new ways to enhance my performance on the slopes.

“The most essential part of my kit list are Prizm lenses. When you are in flat white conditions and can’t see a thing, let alone where you are going, they dramatically enhance the contrast to give you better visibility. 

“I have no idea what’s going on when the sky is the same colour as the snow but the Prizm lenses help control the light transmission and it makes for a sweet ride.”


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