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Inspired By Chris Noth’s Guns, We Look At How To Build Bigger Arms After 40

If you’ve been lurking around the internet today you may have stumbled across a picture of actor Chris Noth showing off an impressive flex. The picture has sent the web into a fluster, mainly because of a comment of approval left by his Sex and the City co-star, Sarah Jessica Parker. We’ll leave you to read up on that in your own time.

What impressed the MH crew was how Noth is the latest in a wave of celebrities who are leading the charge and getting incredible ripped post 40. Noth is an extremely inspiring case, especially seeing as the veteran actor is now 63, and is seemingly in the best shape of his life.

“Climbing the mountain of time and gravity,” captioned Noth in the post. No stranger to physically demanding roles, appearing as a regular on Law & Order, he’s not traditionally known for his physique (apart from the odd Sex and the City sex-scene). Well that has all changed now.

Noth has joined the ranks of over 40 men who are delivering some serious workout inspiration. Of course there are the regular suspects, your Wahlbergs and Rudds, with honourable mention to the real MVP’s of old-age fitness, Stallone and Schwarzenegger.

So how does one build guns after the age of 40? Well according to our mates in the US, the key is in emphasising quality over quantity. One feature that’s perfect for the older guy (especially one who doesn’t have access to a full gym) is performing sets for time rather than reps. This lets you get the most out of whatever amount of resistance you have available to you.

The below two-part session from Men’s Health will target the biceps and triceps, in a combo that will have your golf-shirt sleeves bulging in no time at all.

Part I – Get Them Angry

Perform the exercises in the order listed. Rest 60 seconds between each set of exercises. 

  • Alternating Dumbbell Biceps Curl

Sets: 3 Reps: 8–12

  • Triceps Pushdown With Band

Sets: 3 Reps: Work for 30 seconds

  • Band Hammer Curl

Sets: 3 Reps: See below

Perform reps at as fast a pace as you can maintain with good form. When you can’t continue at that speed anymore, perform as many reps as you can at a slow pace. “Aim for 15–20 fast reps,” says Jack, “and then 8–10 slow ones to finish.”

Part II – Tricep Triple Threat

For the Triceps Triple Threat, complete one set of each exercise in sequence without rest in between. Afterward, rest 90 seconds, and repeat the sequence twice more (three total sets).

  •  Skull Crusher

Sets: 3 Reps: 8–12

  • Eccentric Skull Crusher To Floor Press

Sets: 3 Reps: 8–12

  • Triceps Push Up

Sets: 3 Reps: 8–12

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