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Bristle With Confidence: How To Grow Facial Hair

Want to grow a seriously good beard? Of course you do. Not only is it the easiest way to fake a strong jawline, but from a female perspective, it’s an almost unbeatable look.

So, whether you’re a first-time grower or a total veteran, here are some tips, tricks and products you’ll need to reach your fullest beard potential. Because there’s just a bit more to it than putting down your razor and waiting.


Pruning is essential to growing a good beard. “For best results you should maintain weekly when going down the DIY route. Trim and shape regularly to a style you prefer – and, of course, be patient,” says Brendan Blake from Adilla Barbers in Sydney. “A decent beard trimmer should suffice in keeping your beard to the desired shape. If you’re unsure about how exactly you can achieve this, ask your hairdresser or barber.”


While those follicles will become the star, the skin underneath is the real MVP. “We often work on the hair, but we forget the skin is where it all starts – and healthy hair is healthy skin,” says Blake. Trapped skin cells can cause itchiness and irritation, so make sure you wash your beard regularly to keep your skin happy. “There are some amazing products out there, like Sachajuan Scalp Treatment. When you do visit your barber, you should try to get a beard treatment with a hot towel. This will help keep the hair and skin healthy until your next visit.”

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Nothing tames a beard like the regular use of a beard oil – it’ll moisturise and condition the hairs, making them softer and shinier. Not a fan of beard oil? “Some men don’t like the shine it creates and prefer a balm,” says Blake. “Whatever product you use it should have moisturising properties in it. American Crew actually have a beard foam – it’s an innovative way to deliver moisture to the hair and is perfect for all lengths of beards. Water soluble waxes are great, too. You don’t want build-up that blocks the moisture from penetrating the hair shaft or skin.”


A regular trim isn’t the only way to keep your beard in line. Combing through daily will remove loose hairs and keep it in shape, while ensuring your hairs grow in a downward direction.


Unless you’re going with a chinstrap (please, no!), don’t forget to keep your moustache looking neat and trim with a pair of grooming scissors and a balm. “A beard balm will allow you not only to shape your moustache, but it will keep the hair and skin healthy,” says Blake.

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Eating your way to a good beard is a thing. Your beard is made from protein and fats, and is reliant on vitamins B5, B3 and B9 – so feed it with eggs, nuts, fish and those leafy greens. If you mean business, you can also incorporate biotin supplements into your diet. Eat your heart out, Gandalf.

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