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How To Make Your Tradie Uniform Look Stylish

But there’s no reason why tradie uniforms should not be stylish as well as safe. No matter what line of work you’re in, clothing is about more than just appearance. Style in clothing is about self-expression and reflecting your individuality.

There are a lot of cool looking workwear options available including cuffed pants, slim fit pants with stretch, modern camo prints and a wide range of colours beyond the standard navy and khaki. 

Even for those who have to wear what the company provides, changes in size, wearing a shirt tucked in or adding some matching accessories can make a difference to how you look and feel. No-one is suggesting you have to compete with the catwalk, but a little attention to how you dress can improve the functionality of your clothes, increasing both your personal comfort and your safety as you work. It can also boost your confidence and bolster the impression you make on other people. Here’s our simple, straightforward guide to getting it right!

Three style guidelines for your working wardrobe

1\ Clothing should be functional

Above all else, your tradie uniform has to do its job. Boots need to protect your feet and keep you steady on oily or uneven ground; shirts have to cover your forearms from sparks, and head-wear shields you from the sun or falling objects.

Never skimp on clothing that will protect you. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean buying the most expensive pair of boots out there; it means understanding what your needs are and buying the item which will protect you. It is also essential to look at the requirements for your workplace. For some, workwear needs to provide protection against extreme heat or corrosive chemicals. Or simply choose a garment that gives maximum functionality, like moisture wicking fabrics, breathable and antibacterial bamboo, air vent panels to keep you cool or industrial grade lightweight fabric.

Workwear providers RSEA Safety make it easy for you to find workwear that fits the requirements of your work environment.

2\ Clothing should fit

Clothing that fits right simply looks better and there are many workwear styles with stretch fabric to give more freedom of movement. But more importantly, clothing that fits stays out of the way. Excess fabric along the body is likely to be caught on sharp edges and can lead to very dangerous situations around moving parts. Sizing can differ between brands and it is worth trying a few different brands to find the perfect fit, for everything from boots to overalls or hats.

3\ Clothing should be (put on) clean

Every morning when you get dressed, your work clothing should be clean and presentable. Although your work may be such that it’s almost impossible to not be covered with grease by the end of the day, it is important to start the day with a clean outfit.

A clean presentation may take some effort, but it’s about taking pride in yourself and your work. Also, many self-employed tradespeople like plumbers and electricians are contractors who need to win clients and repeat business. Customers are going to be most concerned about the work you do, but your appearance can help win their trust as well.

Whatever your workwear requirements, the huge choice of brands available today means that you should be able to select clothing that is functional as well as fitting your style. Many items can be personalised with initials, names and company logos, too. Check out the extensive range of workwear, personal protective equipment at and footwear at RSEA Safety and enquire about their embroidery service.

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