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How To Prep For Date Night


Lips that suggest you’ve been stranded on a desert island won’t encourage any sane woman to pucker up. “Skin on lips is five times thinner than the rest of our skin,” says Paul Anderson, founder of the Mankind grooming clinic. “It cops loads of environmental damage.” Slap on SPF lip balm packed with shea butter to lock in moisture. Flaky? “Scrub with a home remedy of two parts sugar, two parts honey,” says Anderson.


Kiehl’s Face Fuel No-Shine Lip Balm, $10


Chock-a-block man pores are a definite mood killer. De-gunk daily by using clay-based cleansers to coax out congestion, says dermatologist Emma Hobson. Focus on the nose – “it’s always oily and prone to blackheads”. It’s also critical to exfoliate three times weekly, she advises. Use a scrub or wipes with salicylic acid. “Try overnight clearing gel – it’s brilliant at loosening congestion during sleep,” says Hobson. Plus no one will ever know.

Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel, $64


Women should welcome your touch, not recoil from it in horror. But if you have long talons, frayed cuticles or gnarly hang-nails, that’s exactly what could happen. Your nails reflect your overall personal hygiene, so keep them short and clean underneath. “Using clippers, clip the nail in stages,” says nail expert Leighton Denny. “Imagine the shape of a 50¢ coin and mimic that shape, clipping the nail at soft angles.”

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Smelling bad invariably means sleeping alone. Eliminate stench with the right underarm product – a quality antiperspirant will keep you feeling fresh. After that, it’s time to add a hint of fragrance. Not convinced? A University of Liverpool study found that when a man wears scent, it subconsciously bolsters his confidence and makes him instantly more attractive to women. Result.

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Didn’t get a goodnight kiss? Your death breath might be sabotaging your moves. “Lick the back of your hand, let your saliva dry, then have a sniff,” says dentist Dr Ellie Pikoulas. Bad breath can be caused by anything from poor dental hygiene to a sinus infection or a dry mouth, says Pikoulas. “Visit your dentist to isolate the cause, brush twice a day, floss once a day, and drink plenty of water and peppermint tea,” she advises.


Rugged stubble looks effortless, but maintaining it requires work, says Nathan Jancauskas, Founder of the Men’s Biz grooming stores. “Shape the areas surrounding your natural stubble growth on the upper cheeks and neckline with a razor and clear shaving gel for a tidy finish.” Keep your three-day growth neat by going over your stubble with a beard trimmer every few days. Full beard? Trim regularly and use beard oil to keep the skin underneath flake-free.

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Unruly brows with their own postcode are a definite turn-off. Do you need to intervene? “If they’re climbing towards the hairline, connecting in the centre or excessively protruding forward then yes – consider a professional shape,” says brow expert Amy Jean. Just a few strays? “Attempt it yourself in front of a mirror in natural light,” says Jean. Tweeze straight after a hot shower, as the follicles expand and hair will come out more easily, she adds.

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