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How To Perform A Squat

After powerful legs and a trunk that’ll make her jaw drop? This is one exercise you can’t skip.

The squat can be done with your own body weight or with a heavy load which makes the movement perfect for both beginners or big lifters.

But before you get started, Men’s Health Fitness Director, Todd Liubinskas, has a few handy pointers to getting the exercise down pat.

Watch the full demonstration above. 

“We want to put our feet just outside our shoulders, connect our big toe and our pinkie to the floor and try and keep the weight in our heels,” Liubinskas explains.

“As we come back down the bottom of our squat, maintain that chin position and maintain a neutral spine. Push your hips through, up and extend through the hips and the knees. 

“Want to add some weight to that? Pick up a kettlebell, hold it nice and tight just below your chin. Same thing, coming down to the bottom of that squat – push your hips through, extend the knees and extend the hips.”

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