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Is Your Fly Always Undone? This Viral Hack To Stop It Unzipping Is Genius

It’s been one of mankind’s greatest struggles; how do we stop our fly’s from falling down.

As much as you’d like to theorise, no, it’s not because your package can’t be contained. It does in fact come down to the design of your pants, and no matter who you are, it seems that no-one is immune. We all have that one pair of jeans that just won’t cooperate. 

Before you go to extreme measures, we do have it on good authority that zippers can be locked. Apparently placing the zip in the ‘downward pointing’ position locks them off, meaning they can’t come undone inadvertently. However this writer disagrees. I for one am SURE that I rarely have my zipper pointing ‘up’, yet I still have gravity issues with my fly on the regular.





Thankfully our great friend, the internet, has once again produced the goods, dishing up an actual proven-to-work hack that has since gone viral, and taken the style blogs by storm. It’s true, they have found a way to make sure that our zips stay zipped. You can once again wear your favourite jeans without fear that you’ll also be putting on an unwelcome show.

The 3 step hack seems like a failsafe way to keep your fly up, and allowing you to go about your day, worry free.


Find a metal loop, the kind that is common on most key-rings.


Attach the loop to your zipper by threading it through the small metal opening at the end.


Pull your zipper to the top of it’s tether, and then hook the metal ring over the button on your pants.

So. Simple.



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