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This Is How Women Really Feel About Leather Sandals

Cue the Jesus jokes. If you’re ever spotted wearing leather sandals you’ll most definitely be likened to the religious figure. But now a Women’s Health Poll tells us whether we’re catching the eye of the ladies. 

In the survey, polling 50 women, we were divided. 58 per cent of voters said no, 31 per cent said yes and 11 per cent said depends who wears them.

What was for sure? Respondents agree that you shouldn’t be partnering them with jeans or chinos. Other no-nos include coupling the footwear with socks and donning them while looking like Caspar from a lack of tan. 

Unfortunately, you also have to have the right feet to pull them off. If you have wide feet and small toes, they just won’t suit you. 



Colour wise? If you are going to brave the sandal, stick to muted colours: think brown, navy or black.

Here at Men’s Health, we’re digging them and our stylist Jeff Lack identifies the leather sandal as a major style trend in 2018. As Lack puts it, ” Jesus loves you and you will love these sandals for BBQs and beach outings.”

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