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The Unbelievable Way Women Are Now Scamming Men on Tinder

Joanne the Scammer has a disciple in the form of a Missouri Tinder user. Her name is Maggie Archer, a 20-year-old from St. Louis who has recently started telling her Tinder matches to send her $5 on PayPal to “see what happens.” Lo and behold, more than 20 men have sent her at least $5 in just a week. And Archer has now taken her little scheme public to BuzzFeed.

The jig, which seems far from up, essentially has three steps. First is her bio, which reads “send me $5, see what happens.” Once someone has matched with her and asks her what $5 will get them, she gives them her PayPal account and says “send and find out.” After the money goes through, the third step commences, and it’s the most brutal of all: Archer simply unmatches with them. Take the money and run, as they say.

Of course, Archer has promised exactly nothing. So any sort of blame should go to the dudes for being duped so easily. Homegirl agrees, telling Buzzfeed: “It’s really a foolproof plan, because I’m not actually promising anything. I just say ‘see what happens.'”

Approximately one in five men matches actually send the money, and Archer says some get creepy and offer hundreds in expectation of more. The most anyone’s actually sent has been $10.

Archer’s sharing her story simply because it’s “too funny not to” and because she wants to share the idea with other women. But if you’re a dude who can pull this off, well, more power to you.

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