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The 7-Minute Workout Hugh Jackman Uses to Build Muscle and Shred Fat

When he’s not busy saving the world in Hollywood action flicks, Jackman is likely to be training his body like a man possessed. The 48-year-old gets ripped for a living, having played Wolverine nine times since 2000. Now he’s prepared to share his secret on how he achieves superhero shape even when he’s strapped for time.


Taking to his personal Facebook account, Jackman showed off his effort on the rowing machine, flying through 2000m in just seven minutes. “When you don’t have time, throw this one in, Strips fat. Uses every single muscle,“ adds Jackman.

It seems the experts agree too.

“It’s a total-body workout that uses most of the muscles in your body during every stroke with little to no impact,” says Lisa Niren, an ACE-certified group fitness instructor and CITYROW trainer. “It burns fat while providing extreme cardiovascular fitness and ridiculous muscular endurance.”

If you have a bit more time, why not try the world’s best cardio workout, which includes Jackman’s favourite go-to exercise.

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