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Hulk Hogan Now Looks Like “Santa” After A Huge Transformation

The popular pro-wrestler, who started his career back in the 70s, took the Instagram to share his dramatic transformation.

“I think it’s probably time to shave,” Hogan wrote.”

“Too many people calling me Santa or saying ‘we like me better with a beard’ or wanting to confess their sins to me, the #Zeus look definitely needs to come down a notch brother HH #Hulkhoganswtestlingshop.”

The 66-year-old – real name Terry Bollea – hasn’t had a quiet 12 months: in 2019, reports surfaced that Hogan is having his own biopic on Netflix. Former Men’s Health cover star Chris Hemsworth was slated to play the 12-time world champion. So far, the only detail we know is that the flick is expected to be directed by Todd Phillips and written by Scott Silver—the same duo behind 2019’s The Joker. 

Maybe Hogan can deliver us an early Christmas present by giving us a release date on the new film.

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