ICYMI: New Ted Lasso Trailer Lands, TGA Recalls Popular Cough Medicine, And Rapper Spanian Dropped After Homophobic Rant - Men's Health Magazine Australia

ICYMI: New Ted Lasso Trailer Lands, TGA Recalls Popular Cough Medicine, And Rapper Spanian Dropped After Homophobic Rant

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The Ted Lasso season 3 trailer has landed

Ted Lasso fans, the time is nearly upon us: season 3 is set to hit screens globally on March 15 (meaning March 16 in Australia thanks to the time difference) and the latest trailer proves that it’s going to be as epic as the first two. Of course, all our favourites are back, with the inimitable Ted (Jason Sudeikis) at the helm, with all his trademark the optimism, enthusiasm and biscuits.

This time around, the heavily ridiculed Greyhounds have been promoted and will face off against West Ham United – coached by none other than Nate (Nick Mohammed) – which is bound to make for some binge-viewing behaviour on our part.

Ted Lasso Season 3 streams globally on March 15 on Apple TV+ – watch the trailer here.

No less than 55 popular medicines to treat a dry cough have been recalled from Aussie shelves, with the Therapeutic Goods Administration advising people to stop using them immediately.

Following an investigation into their safety, the over-the-counter cough medicines inquestion have sparked concerns after a link was found between medications containing pholcodine and an increased risk of anaphylactic reactions when combined with some medicines used during general anaesthesia. Already, the TGA has already received 50 reports of suspected pholcodine-related anaphylactic reactions here in Australia, and one death.

Stock imagery of a person holding medication in a pharmacy, with more boxed medications on the shelves.

“It is difficult to reliably predict who may be at risk of anaphylaxis during anaesthesia and some patients may not know if they have taken pholcodine medicines recently,” said TGA head John Skerritt in a statement.

“In addition, while surgical facilities may ask about which prescription medicines a patient is taking, they may not ask about over the counter products.”

Pholcodine is an opioid cough suppressant has been used, primarily in syrups and lozenges, to help treat a dry cough. It is also used in combination with other medicines in products that treat cold and flu symptoms.

Rapper Spanian booted from management

After going on a series of incredibly homophobic and transphobic rants on social media, Sydney career-criminal-turned-rapper Spanian has been swiftly dropped by his management, One Day Entertainment.

In the wildly problematic Instagram videos, posted smack-bang in the middle of World Pride, the rapper went on an aggressive diatribe against gay pride (which we won’t actually repeat because frankly this kind of BS deserves no air time) transgender folks, and the use of non-binary pronouns.

His management team were quick to respond, dropping the disgraced rapper from their books.

“We strongly condemn Spanian conflating issues around child-grooming and pedophilia in connection to the LGBTQIA+ community during WorldPride in a recent Instagram video,” said the hip hop collective’s official statement.

“Spanian’s commentary on these issues in no way reflect our values as a company and as individuals. We have been deeply upset by Spanian’s actions over the past three days and we acknowledge the harm caused by his Instagram video… Our company is no longer representing Spanian, effective immediately.”

And honestly, good on you, guys. This sh*t has to stop.

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