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This Food Has Twice As Much Protein As Fish And Beef

From powders to pills – it seems like everyone is looking for new ways to boost their protein intake. But instead of loading your diet with beef, chicken and fish, why not try insects.

Yep, you read that correctly. Insects.

The Daily Mail published an eye opening diagram based on data from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, showing the incredible amount of protein in creepy crawlies compared to more traditional sources.

Western Exterminator

Western Exterminator

You can see the full infographic here.

Wasps, bees and ants, apparently contain between 13 and 77 grams of protein per 100g while mackerel offers between 16 and 28 grams.

And you don’t have to just chomp down on a crispy cricket, many companies offer products like insect flour (which can be easily incorporated into cakes and brownies) plus pre-made options like dips, trail mix and energy balls.

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Not only are they extra healthy, the environmentally friendly option is also being heralded as the answer to the world’s looming food crisis. Experts predict that within 40 years, the world’s population will far outstrip the amount of food available, and the UN has put forward insect consumption as a viable alternative to the unsustainable meat industry.

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