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Instagram Couple Makes Six Figures Traveling the World and Being Hot

Today in frustrating streams of revenue that don’t belong to us, we have “being extremely hot and globetrotting on Instagram.” That’s how Jack Morris, 26, and his girlfriend Lauren Bullen, 23, earn a six-figure salary, as revealed in their Cosmopolitan UK profile.


The conventionally attractive, blonde couple have 3 million combined Instagram followers who keep track of their travels and eat up their sponsored content. While they couldn’t provide exact figures because each post is different, Morris says they won’t do a single post for less than $3,000. The most he’s ever gotten is $9,000, while the most Bullen has received is $7,500 – proving the gender wage gap exists even on Instagram.

Their journey into “Instagram Influencing” – Cosmo UK’s dual capitalisation, not mine – is also what brought them together as a couple. Bullen began by taking photos on her personal account, eventually gaining 16,000 followers and a job with an Australian tourism board. Those jobs started piling up, making her travel for half of each month, until she was able to quit her day job as a dental assistant.

Morris’ path was much more deliberate, with him quitting a carpet cleaning job at 22 to go backpacking. Once he started running out of money, he created a bunch of niche Instagram accounts – for fashion, cars, animals, etc. – and sold posts to advertisers. When that became too much and interfered with his traveling, he sold all of them off except for one and began monetising his travels on his personal account.

Corporate dollars then brought them together in Fiji, where they decided to travel together and ended up coupling. That relationship itself was lucrative, as their accounts “blew up” after their coupling.

If you want to replicate their success, they recommend buzz words like authenticity; a high standard; trying hard without trying too hard; and thinking about your aesthetic. But you should also considering being very good looking—my two cents, not Cosmo’s.

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