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Is It Time To Crash And Burn?

You’ve got to believe! In the power of crash diets, that is. Conventional wisdom preaches the virtues of gradual weight loss, but University of Melbourne research has found that (in one group at least) crash dieting may be a more effective approach.


In the study, a group of obese adults were encouraged to lose 12.5 per cent of their body weight in 12 weeks, while another group were allowed 36 weeks. The researchers found 80 per cent of the rapid-shedders achieved their goal while just half the steady dieters reached theirs.


Quick results provide greater motivation, says lead author Katrina Purcell. Keep it off to avoid another type of diet: the yo-yo.


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Additional kilograms lost when dieters used food-related reminders on their phone.

Source: Tulane University

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