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Jamie Durie Cuts A Fierce Figure – Here’s How He Keeps His Health In Check

It’s been 11 years since Jamie Durie graced the cover of Men’s Health and it’s not just his rig that remains largely unchanged.

The House Rules judge’s attitude towards wellbeing has remained a constant.

“Health and fitness has been a priority for my entire life,” Jamie tells Men’s Health.

However, hours spent on set judging contestants on the Channel 7 hit show means working out is a luxury. So when he does get the time, he makes it count.  

“I find it impossible to train consistently during filming seasons,” he says. “But I try to stay active with every opportunity I get.”

While exercise has always been a priority for the horticulturist, his journey took an unlikely path. 

“I started as a gymnast when mum took me from age six,” he says. “I competed in gymnastics and then in state comp volley ball. I continued as a gymnast while also doing free weights, surfing and cycling ever since.”

Nowadays, “Sea kayaking, spin classes and bike riding are what I use for cardio.”

In the gym, Durie is disciplined. He’s worked out the magic formula best suited to his schedule.

“Training is three days-a-week doing free weights with two body parts a day,” he continues. “Free weights is followed by 45min on the bike where I use a spin cycling app called Peleton. I stream live music with a spin class instructor through the phone.”

With limited time for exercise, Durie makes it count. Here’s how he makes the most of it:

Day 1 – Back and biceps. 

Day 2 – Chest and triceps.

Day 3 – Shoulders and legs. 15 minutes of abs. 

Durie also applies the same approach to his diet.

“Reduce carbs at night when possible,” he explains. “Portion control is important with smaller regular meals and don’t skip breakfast.”

His go-to meals are simple, providing crucial nutrients that help his body function while giving it the best chance of recovering from big weights sessions. 

These are his favourites that keep him on his feet:

Breakfast – Protein shake (bananas, berries and whey protein) and coffee with goats milk.

Lunch – Tuna salad          

Dinner – Chicken or fish with steamed vegetables. Glass or two of red wine

Although built like your typical landscaper, he doesn’t actually “use gardening to get heart the rate up, but rather as a form of relaxation and peace”.

To keep his mental health in check, apart from exercise, Durie turns to “yoga and meditation along with gardening and time in the design studio.”

“It provides you with an immense sense of well being. I always feel I can take on the challenges of the day far more efficiently and effectively after exercise,” Durie adds.

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