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Jamie Vardy’s Old Matchday Diet Includes 3 Redbulls

While most professional footballers work closely with nutritionists to ensure their diet is on point, English striker Jamie Vardy best prefers to stick to what already works for him and it’s totally #MHUnapproved. 

The Leicester City star, who is best known for his meteoric rise through the english leagues before becoming a mainstay in the premier league team, released his autobiography which included the bizarre matchday prep that saw him bang goals in for fun. 

“With a traditional 3pm Saturday kick-off, I’ll have a can of Red Bull as soon as I wake up, which is gone in 30 seconds,” he said. 

“I don’t have breakfast and won’t eat anything until I have a cheese-and-ham omelette with baked beans at 11.30am. I wash that down with another Red Bull, which I also neck quickly.

“We get into the dressing room an hour and a half before kick-off, and I’ll have a third can of Red Bull straight away.”

But it’s not just his gameday drinking that has fans doing a double-take. Vardy is already thinking about the game the night before and that includes knocking back a glass of port from a Lucozade bottle. 

“I can’t say why it started, because I genuinely don’t know, but I decided to drink a glass of port on the eve of every game in the 2015-16 season,” he continued. 

“I’m not normally superstitious but from the moment I scored against Sunderland on the opening day, I didn’t want to change anything.”

“I fill a small plastic water or Lucozade bottle to halfway and just sip the port while watching television. It tastes like Ribena to me, and it helps me switch off and get to sleep a bit easier the night before a game.”

This season, however, Vardy was forced to change his drinking habits  following the appointment of experienced manager Brendan Rodgers and with his career slowly winding down. 

Fortunately for the Foxes, Vardy hasn’t lost his touch: he currently leads the goal-scoring standings with 17 to his name as Leicester push for Champions League qualification. 

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