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Joe Jonas’ Dad Bod Is Serious Fitspo

It was only in July of last year that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner welcomed a baby girl by name of Willa. The pair kept things all relatively private, withholding the baby’s name and face from public gaze for months at a time, despite fans desperately pleading for a glance of the new bub. In the months that have followed since, they’ve shared more details and if the stress of parenting had you thinking all fitness routines had to go out the window as you resorted to fast food amid sleep deprivation, Joe Jonas’ dad bod will make you think again. In a thirst trap to end all thirst traps, the singer had his followers swooning over his recent gains. 

After posting the photo to the ‘gram, fans were quick to express their adoration for the pop star. And if all that wasn’t enough, even his wife wasn’t immune to his ripped torso and smouldering jawline. Sophie Turner re-posted the image to Instagram, captioning the image with “Bad Dad” and “1-800-DIAL-A-DADDY.”

So, what’s his secret to that six-pack? Jonas, who often shares workout videos on his stories, often takes hits straight to the abdomen. It sounds painful – and it is, kind of. The payoff is significant though, while an external hit to the muscle won’t make it tighter or stronger, contracting your abs just before a punch or kick hits the stomach can create stronger muscle fibres. It means he’s constantly engaging in ab exercises and using his core muscles throughout. The internal muscle contraction, not the outer trauma of a punch, is what helps create an enviable six-pack. 

Breathing exercises also help with developing the abs. Breathing while doing pretty much any ab exercise will engage the core even further. If you’re wanting to get a gym-honed bod like Joe, you can take advantage of the technique by having a partner perform the punch or kick motion and stop short; so you’re reflexively tightening your core as you see it coming but avoiding the trauma of the punch/kick. Another alternative is that during crunches, you can start each crunch by visualising someone about to punch your midsection or dropping something heavy on your abs. Naturally, you’ll pull in your ab muscles as you complete each rep. 

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