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Josh Brolin’s Wife Trolls Him Over Penis Size

There’s so doubting that Josh Brolin has one of the most desirable rigs in Hollywood – you couldn’t look past his guns in Deadpool 2. But there might be one part of his body that his wife, Kathryn,  isn’t quite satisfied with. 

In a recent Instagram post, Brolin can be spotted in the condom aisle. His wife, however, calls him out after picking up the wrong sized condom. 

“Josh I think those are too big for you,” she says after Brolin picks up a packet of Magnum XL condoms.

Brolin responds, defensively, ‘no, they’re not!’

Brolin has been in the limelight recently after showcasing how he’s managed to stay jacked as he approached 50. 

He regularly posts topless shots showing off his minimal body fat. Check out his Insta for a bit of fitspo if you need. 

Brolin features in Scario 2 which came out in cinemas, June 28. 

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