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Julius Maddox Has Officially Set A New Bench Press World Record

In August 2019, Maddox beat previous record hold Kirill Sarychev with a lift of 739.6 pounds (335.47kg) before going one better in November that year, benching 744.1 pounds (337.51Kg) at the Rob Hall Classic in Austin Texas. 

Again, Maddox went one better – however his 765 pound lift in February was outside of an officially sanctioned event and therefore didn’t go down in the record books. 

The Arnold Classic represented the first opportunity of 2020 for Maddox to officially surpass his own record, and after completing 700 pound with ease, it was a very real possibility.

Maddox then moved on to 770 pounds.

Strongman Eddie Hall, who currently holds the deadlift record – 1100 pounds (500kg), offered his own commentary on his YouTube channel as Maddox attempted the lift. 

“That was a 700 pound bench press. It looked like 100 pounds, if I’m being honest,” Hall joked after the first lift. 

After his record-breaking bench press, Maddox caught up with Hall. 

“That was so easy,” Hall said to Maddox.

“Love it, love these guys that have showed me support. Appreciate it,” Maddox responded.

Hall was clearly impressed with how the lift played out.: “That is absolutely incredible. That is the world record bench, plus, he’s just added like 10 kilos to it. Eight hundred pounds is happening.”

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