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Watch a Guy Purposely Take a Big Swinging Pole to His Nuts

In our favourite viral video of 2017 so far – but also our least favourite, because we are compassionate and concerned men with testicles and feelings of our own – a Chinese guy recently stood still as a giant wooden pole repeatedly swung right into his crotch.

In western countries, that’s grounds for prime coverage on “World’s Stupidest Videos”. But since it happened in China, it instead plays like a badass Kung Fu training clip that makes us question whether or not we, too, should start subjecting ourselves to intentional nut shots in the name of mastering the martial arts.

In the video, the man dons a black tracksuit, squats down, and silently waits for the swinging pole to strike his balls. He shows no pain or emotion upon getting hit, and pushes the pillar back to its starting position so that it may attack his package in the exact same spot again and again.

Is he a masochist? Nay. Rather, he is a brave practitioner of the “Iron Crotch,” a Shaolin Kung Fu strategy that supposedly helps men train for taking a blow to the groin, according to The Daily Mail. Because apparently even Kung Fu warriors hit each other in the nuts for fun.

Cringe and hold your balls while watching the video here:

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