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LeBron James’ Isolation Workout Is The Real Reason He’s So Damn Jacked

With the NBA season suspended, the Lakers’ star is doing his best to stay fit and his latest workout proves he’s not taking it easy. 

Taking to Instagram, the 35-year-old shared his workout regime, totalling 9 exercises. While he didn’t share his home setup, it’s safe to say he’s well equipped given some of the movements. 

Lebron James

Instagram / @kingjames

The session is a total body burner – three rounds each of of kneeling cable push/pulls (8 per side), 10 pushupsa ball crunch (with squeeze), a three-point renegade row, a kneeling cable reverse fly, lateral band walks, a standing barbell curl, finished with a 30-second leg mat balance.

James also added in cardio, turning to the VersaClimber – a machine he’s previously shared on his page before – six 30-second sprints. 

 Men’s Health’s Ebenezer Samuel is a fan of the workout.

“He has more equipment than most of our readers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a few things. Look at how much he’s emphasising pull in this workout, with the renegade rows, cable push-pull work, and cable reverse flies,” Samuel says.

“That’s three pulling exercises because pulling is so important for your long-term health.

“He’s attacking his core every moment possible—people should look to do the same if they can.”

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