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Lewis Hamilton On The Physical and Mental Pressure To Stay Fit

Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton has firmly cemented his place as one of the greatest drivers in the sport’s history, but in a lengthy Instagram post on Wednesday, the six-time world champion admitted that he still struggles with the physical and mental pressures of the job—especially the pressure to stay fit.

“Training has been the most challenging in the past few years since I train myself,” Hamilton wrote. “I have ups and downs, I lose momentum and slack every now and then, but more often than not I get it done.”

Posing shirtless in front of a bathroom mirror, and revealing a lean, muscular physique, the British 35-year-old also opened up about his recent gains—and the challenges of balancing strength training and cardio that most dedicated gym-goers will find relatable.

“The battles between cardio and muscle gain are always a struggle…” Hamilton wrote. “You need strength, but not of a weightlifter. I was 68 kg (150lbs) for 12 years as a job requirement, but with rule changes I’ve been allowed to put on weight.”

Hamilton added that he’s succeeded in putting on that muscle while adhering to a vegan diet, though the progress has been gradual. “It’s hard to see when it takes so long to see gains that by the time you have gains your so used to the way you look it’s the norm. Staying fit is a lifestyle, a life choice.”

Fresh off a victory in Austria’s Styrian Grand Prix, Hamilton concluded the post with some motivational words of advice for his followers. “Even if you feel you might not have the time, when you roll out of bed do press-ups and sit-ups before you shower as every little bit helps,” he said. And most importantly, eat right as that’s 70% of it, so they say. You can do it, I believe in you if getting fit is what you want.”

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health UK.

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