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These Is Where People Have The Best Night’s Sleep

Regardless of whether you got to bed early, had a night fuelled by alcohol or you drained yourself of every inch of energy, you can never quite get that good night’s rest you’re after. 

But now a new study has shed some light on one possible key to a better night’s sleep.

The research, published in the Journal of Marriage and Family has found that you might not be getting a good night’s sleep due to workplace demands, including worrying whether you can put food on the table or unemployment. Meanwhile, women suffered due to family obligations and looking after children. 

The good news? In countries with better gender equality. couples have a better night’s sleep. 

In a survey featuring 14,143 couples across 23 European countries, 22 nations reported that more women than men experienced poor sleep the previous week. 

Results showed that sleep for females was interrupted by children aged under five while men experienced more restless sleep if they were concerned with their family’s finances. 

While both men and women who worked a stressful job saw disrupted sleep, interestingly, everyone slept better in more gender equal societies.

Findings suggest that this was down to equal financial and parenting responsibility, sharing the load.  

The impact of poor sleep has been well documents. If you’re not getting your 8 hours a night, you’ll be getting more than just nasty headache, explains Dr. Lorenzo Turicchia, Sleep Scientist and Biometrics Expert at BEDGEAR.

“Lack of sleep can lead to low energy, fatigue, and sleepiness. This may affect libido and/or decrease interest in sex. A lack of sleep can also make you more irritable, frustrated, and quicker to argue with your spouse,” says Dr. Turicchia. 

As if you need another reason to move to Europe and couple up.

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