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All The Long Lasting Fresh Produce You Can Buy, According To A Nutritionist

A dietitian has put together a handy chart on how you can get the most out of your fruit and veggies. 

Supermarket shelves are empty and shoppers are frantically fighting over that last bag of rice. But there is one aisle that still has stock available: the fresh produce section.

Amongst all the chaos, people are rejecting fresh foods in favour of long-lasting product but one nutritionist has put together a handy chart on how you can get the most out of your fruit and veggies.

Registered dietitian Lindsey Janeiro took to Instagram amid the Coronavirus crisis to educate fans on ensuring your produce lasts.

“In light of COVID-19 (the coronavirus) being classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, I wanted to talk about one aspect of pandemic preparation – food,” she wrote.

“First of all, please don’t panic. Pantry and freezer staples are certainly part of it, but fresh produce can still be included.

“You just need to be a little strategic with the types of produce you’re choosing, along with how you’re storing it. With proper storage these fruits and veggies should last you two weeks (some much longer):

+acorn squash



+butternut squash




+citrus (lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, etc.)

+garlic (whole, unpeeled)





+spaghetti squash

+sweet potatoes


“Note that storage matters (see graphic) and that storage times will vary on how fresh the produce is at time of purchase, environment, humidity, etc.,” she continues.

“P.S. Note that while I am a registered dietitian, I am not a doctor and intentionally am not sharing information pertaining to COVID-19 specifically. I have seen rampant misinformation on social media, often from individuals who mean well, but I want to focus on how I can help (within my scope) without potentially unintentionally contributing to further misinformation. Thank you for understanding!”

You can see her handy chart below. 

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By Mens Health Staff

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