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What Being In a Long-Term Relationship Means For YOUR Sex Life

If you’re in a long-term relationship, this is not news you are going to enjoy reading.


A depressing new Finnish study, published in Psychology Medicine, found that being in a long-term relationship kills a woman’s sex drive.


The research revealed females who dated a guy for more than seven years had a decreased sexual desire compared to single women, whose libidos were stable.


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The study is the first to analyse female sexual satisfaction, desire and frequency of orgasm over the space of seven years, while taking into account participants’ relationship status.


Of the 2,173 women, those who were in committed relationships or married were the most likely to have lost their drive to get intimate, the study found.


Surprisingly – and here’s some much-needed good news for guys who’ve committed themselves to one woman – although sexual satisfaction varied among the group, the ability to orgasm remained constant for the majority of women, suggesting the two don’t always go hand in hand.


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While the sharpest drop in sexual desire occurred in women who remained in a stable relationship for the entire seven years of the study, those who had begun relationships while the investigation was ongoing also eventually reported a dwindling sex drive, but to a lesser degree.

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