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Love Island’s Charlie Taylor Shared The Workout That Carved His Abs

Australia’s version of the UK hit show Love Island hit our screens last night in a blast of bikini’s, abs and Sophie Monk. Ahhh Sophie, our nation’s favourite Bachelorette… but we digress…

One of the male contenders on the show is Sydney’s Charlie Taylor, a former Aussie Rugby 7’s player and owner of the hardest core in the history of the show.

Having recently retired from rugby following his Commonwealth Games campaign, Charlie has been exploring the possibilities outside of sport, including modeling, personal training, and professional on-air TV dating. And despite leaving the world of pro-sport behind him for the time being, Taylor hasn’t given up on his training.

Often seen powering through a tough session at Sydney’s hottest new celeb-hideout/gym, The Bunker, Taylor works hard to remain strong and cut. Luckily, the reality TV star isn’t shy about sharing his training secrets and routines with any other hopeful bachelors out there looking to rip up in order to find love.

While his YouTube channel has tips range from poached-egg cooking to plyometric lower body power routines, we took note of his 3-minute ab finisher, a workout that he turns to after training other muscle groups and body parts.

Hit this quick routine on the regular when you’re leaving the gym, and who knows… you too could end up in Spain hanging with Sophie. The dream.

Complete the below without break. Power through for the full 3 minutes.

Elbow to knee crunches
15 reps each side

10 seconds hollow hold

10 seconds spread aparts

10 seconds scissor kicks

10 seconds hollow hold

Heel touches
15 reps each side

30 seconds plank get-ups

1 minute plank

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