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Is Low-Carb Beer Actually Better For You Than Standard Beer?

Telling the boys that you’re having a quiet Saturday night by reaching for a low-carb beer might seem like the right decision. But a new study, might suggest it’s not doing very much. 

According to research conducted by the Cancer Council of Victoria, low-carb beers have similar amount of carbs as your go-to full strength. Further, one in three men and one in five women believe low-carb alcoholic drinks are healthy options. 

Looking at a popular range of drinks, researchers found that typical alcoholic beverages contained 1.4 grams of carbohydrates per 100ml. However, low-carb options such as Pure Blond had just over .5 grams while Carlton Dry’s ‘lower carb’ option contained 1.9 grams.

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“The amount of carbohydrates in any beer is actually quite low – between 1 and 3 per cent generally – and it’s not the main thing to be concerned about,” says manager of the LiveLighter campaign, dietitian Alison McAleese, speaking to the ABC. “The main thing people should watch out for is how much alcohol is actually in their beer.”

The Cancer Council is now calling for all alcohol beverages to include mandatory nutrition labelling. 

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