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Man Cuts Off Penis Because His Wife Won’t Have Sex With Him

We all read many things that make us go “WTF”. This is one of them.


A frustrated husband who said he hasn’t had sex with his wife in over a decade decided to take  matters into his own hands – by cutting off his own penis.


Ghasi Ram, 37, from India, recently came home drunk and apparently demanded sex from his wife Manjhri Devi, 34, with whom he’s been married to for 18 years and has two sons and a daughter with.


After being rejected (again), Ram reached for a knife and started hacking away at his little friend.


“I cut it off because she doesn’t understand me. She is very stubborn,” Ram said in an interview, the Daily Mail reported. “We haven’t had a physical relationship in the past 10 years.”


Not feeling any sympathy for her wounded husband, Devi spoke her mind.


“He has lot his mind, that is what I feel,” she said. “I have nothing else to say on this.”


It hasn’t been determined whether or not Ram’s penis was saved or reattached, but does it really matter?


It’s not like he’s going to get any action after pulling this stunt, anyway. 

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