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This Man Tried To Photobomb His Wife’s Workout Video and Nearly Broke His Head

Photobombs are all fun and games, until they’re not. That’s what one man discovered when he tried to step in on his wife’s workout video, and ended up sprawled out on the ground. And, of course, his wife had to post the evidence.

Here’s what went down: Karli Jaeckel is a “fitness entrepreneur” who was shooting video of her workout routine when her husband, who was hanging in the kitchen behind her, decided to have some fun.

While Jaeckel did some leg lifts set to music, her husband pulled out some sweet moves of his own. He used his arms to lift himself up on the kitchen counter and kicked out his legs to balance on the island—and totally bit it. He busted his head on the cabinet on the way down, which looked incredibly painful.

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The aftermath is cringeworthy, too. He rolled onto his stomach with his head on the ground and just laid there, while his wife walked over and tried to figure out what the hell just happened.

Check out the full video, here:

People couldn’t stop talking about in the comments how much this made them laugh, with some giving props to Jaeckel for the cool way she handled the situation.

“You are a better wife than I,” one wrote. “I would have hit the ground just as hard dying of laughter.”

Luckily, Jaeckel later confirmed in the comments that her husband wasn’t seriously injured. “He’s okay!!! We just hope it didn’t take off too much life on his brain,” she wrote. Now his pride on the other hand…

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