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Man Proposes to Girlfriend on Plane, Vomits Everywhere Before She Can Respond

It’s the moment every guy dreams about: proposing to the woman who you believe is the love of your life. But for Darrell Hamilton Jr., his romantic proposal turned into his worst nightmare.

Hamilton decided to take his girlfriend Rheanna Lopez, who he’d been dating for two years, on a plane ride of the Blossom Trail in California where fruit trees start blossoming in late February.

“I planned it for so long,” Hamilton told Inside Edition.

But as life often does, it threw Hamilton a cruel curveball. The one thing he didn’t plan for? Motion sickness.

As Lopez looks at the window, Hamilton pulls out a ring and asks his girlfriend to marry him. Seconds later, he hurls his guts all over the airplane.

“The only thing that was really on my mind was wanting to get it over with,” Hamilton said.

Lopez said the violent vomiting left her in a precarious, sticky situation.

“I just went into help mode,” said Lopez. “I didn’t know how to react. I was in shock.”

But as any loving girlfriend would do, Lopez patted her nauseous boyfriend on the back while passing him a sweater to wipe his face.

The good news? She said yes!

While their first kiss as an engaged couple probably had a slight aftertaste of that day’s lunch, Hamilton says he’s over the mood and already starting to plan his life with Lopez.

“I have a son from a previous relationship and me and Rheanna don’t have any kids together,” Hamilton told ABC News. “So maybe starting a family with a child of our own and being a role model for both of them, and for her.”

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