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Margot Robbie Recalls The Story Of Her First Kiss

Unfortunately, Robbie is married but that doesn’t stop us from keeping the dream alive. 

Speaking to W Magazine, the 29-year-old recalled her first kiss. 

“My first kiss was on an island off Australia called Great Keppel Island, which is where, like a bunch of families would all go on holiday and i met the boy that I kissed on the beach,” she tells the publication. 

“Like, it really does sound idyllic. It was pretty cool. I never saw him again and I remember going through the phone book trying to find him so I could call him and I never found him, and I was devastated.

“And then in high school, I walked into a house party and he was standing at the top of the stairs. he was like, ” Margot?” I was like, “Oh, my goodness.”

Considering Robbie met  her current beau in 2014, we’re pretty sure it didn’t turn into a fairytale story. But, take a mental note: hang out at Great Keppel Island.

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