Mark Wahlberg's Street Lunges Take Leg Day To The Next Level

Mark Wahlberg’s street lunges take leg-day to another level

The actor, who was recently in Australia shooting upcoming film 'Play Dirty', showed off how he's building up his lower body with a killer variation on a classic move

MARK WAHLBERG IS lunging his way to a stronger lower body. The buff actor, who was recently in Australia shooting the upcoming film, Play Dirty, showed off a brutal look at his leg day, which was a departure from his typical routine. Wahlberg is famous for his “4 am club” early morning workouts, but the training clip he shared to Instagram takes place with a bright sunny sky as the backdrop.

No matter the time of day, the workout appears to be a tough lower body challenge. Wahlberg performs walking barbell lunges in the clip, first on an incline up a driveway – “Up the hill!” he huffs, encouraging himself as he lunges up the ascent at the start of the clip – then down the street. Which raises the question: What would you do if you saw Mark Wahlberg lunging down your road?


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Lunges are a staple of Wahlberg’s training routine. He previously told MH US he often includes movements like the walking barbell lunge, especially as he has gotten older:

“Any kind of dynamic movements and exercises have been a game changer for me. Instead of being on any kind of stationary equipment…” he said. “Getting on a stationary bike is good for bodybuilding, sculpting, shaping, all that stuff. But getting out there, doing lots of lunges and things like that – that’s what’s going to keep me going.”

The exercise is a great choice for Wahlberg (and anyone else looking to build leg muscle and strength) for a few reasons. “With the lunge, you’re able to get a little bit ballistic, a little bit athletic, and you’re catching just about every part of your leg as you do the exercise,” says Men’s Health US fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S.

As Samuel notes, the lunge hits all the big muscles in your legs (the glutes, hamstrings, and quads). You’re able to train each leg unilaterally, which allows you to correct muscle imbalances and hone stability. And, especially with the walking variation, you’re able to get moving, a great way to shakeup leg day routines filled with exercises that keep your feet planted in one spot.

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