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Mark Wahlberg Wants To Gain 14kg In 6 Weeks Eating KFC And Denny’s

Hollywood is well known for churning out a jaw-dropping transformation by way of actors either slimming down or bulking up for a role. From Christian Bale to Matthew McConnaughey, some are well known for their penchant for either slimming down or bulking up for a role, utilising the opportunity like a career flex that guarantees Oscar contention. In the case of Mark Wahlberg though, the actor has largely made a name for himself as a perpetually ripped star. Even as a fresh-faced young actor, Wahlberg still had the bulging biceps and six-pack that seem to have become his trademark look.

Now, Wahlberg is ready to pack on some kilos for a new movie role and plans to do it with a “20-piece chicken nugget and 20-piece hot wings from Kentucky Fried Chicken with a six-pack of beer.”

It all comes as the 49-year-old prepares for his next role as a boxer-turned-priest for the upcoming film, Father Stu. Having been interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he was asked about the new role, Wahlberg detailed his weight gain plans which will likely see him pack on 14 kilograms in six weeks for the project. 

“After we do the boxing scenes, I get to put on as much weight as possible over the course of the film, so I’m challenging myself to put on 30 pounds in the next six weeks,” Wahlberg told the television host. 

It’ll be quite the challenge for Wahlberg, who has garnered a following on social media for his gruelling workouts that would put even the fittest through their paces. “They want me to do it as healthy as possible and I’m like ‘Dude, I’ve been on such a regimen for so long, I just want to eat everything in sight,” Wahlberg said. “I want to go to bakeries. I want to go to Denny’s. I want to get pancakes. I want to get everything I can possibly get my hands on.”

If Wahlberg has shown anything though, it’s that his is a dedication to fitness that will see him conquer anything he puts his mind to. In the past he’s packed on 40 pounds (approx. 18kg) of solid muscle for his role in Pain & Game, before gaining over 27 kilograms for his role in Deepwater Horizon and Patriot’s Day. Certainly, this is a man who has mastered the art of the Hollywood transformation. Now we’re just excited to see how it all pans out. 

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