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These Strangers Matched Sex Toys To Their Owners

Can you guess which sex toy a person owns based off of their personality? That’s the premise of a new video from Cut, the friendly folks who brought you that other viral video where a mother and father had to guess who their son had sex with.

Three people—an office manager, a sex therapist, and a Cut employee—were asked to match sex toys to their owners; they had to choose from a row of eight people standing behind them.

The guessers were allowed to address the group as a whole, or ask a single person a question to better gauge if they would be interested in a particular sex toy.

“Raise your hand if you really love dick” was one of the questions. “Raise your hand if you like to be smacked around a little bit in bed” was another. (A lot of people put up their hands.)

t one point in the video, the Cut employee is trying to figure out who owns a silicone lip gag, which forces your mouth open for oral sex. He asks one of the male participants, “Are you the sub or the dom?”

I’m a switch,” the man replied.

“Just like me,” the Cut employee replied. I did an online quiz.”

It turns out it’s not that easy to guess who owns a sex toy just by looking at them! Watch the full video here:

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