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Meghan Markle Seductively Grilling Burgers Is The Hottest Thing We Totally Forgot About

With Meghan Markle set to become the latest British Royal this May, we don’t expect a lot of seductive videos in her future. However, we don’t have to look too far into her past for some almost comical clips.

We’ve rediscovered our passion for a good old fashion BBQ thanks to the resurfacing of this vintage Men’s Health clip from 2013. We’re not exactly sure what the goal was here, but it made us hungry…

A young 32 year old Markle is seen flipping burgers before the end titles perfectly sum up our feels; “Grilling never looked so good”.




Markle is set to marry Prince Harry in a ceremony this coming May, and if this clip is anything to go by, he won’t be going hungry. According to the video (and our personal opinion), he’s managed to land him self the “Ultimate Guy’s Girl”.

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