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The Surprising Reason 30% Of Men Aren’t Satisfied With Their Penis Size

Fat girth since birth – It’s what all men claim. You brag to your mates about bearing a 12-inch baby-maker, but realistically you’re happy to pass the 5-inch mark – fully erect.

Yet behind all the jokes and lies, a large proportion of men are insecure about how they shape up compared to their peers.

A study from King’s College London quizzed 173 men about their deepest insecurities and came away with some eye-opening research

Thirty per cent of blokes reported being dissatisfied with the size of their penis, while 35 percent were content and wouldn’t change a thing.

The study also suggests that a common male belief mightn’t be as true as you think: bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

“There are men with a larger penis than average who are ashamed about their size, and there are men with a smaller than average size in whom size is not an issue,” researchers noted.

Talking to the Daily Star Online, Penile Plastic surgeon, Dr David Alessi says that size is perception: ” Most men who think they have a small penis actually don’t.”

“Studies vary, but research suggests that the average erect penis ranges from under five inches to just under six inches,” adds Alessi.

“Most Men who think their penis is too small have penis dysmorphic syndrome and would be better off seeing a shrink and not a surgeon.”

If stick-size is a problem for you, here’s some good news: a recent study published in the journal Psychology of Men & Masculinity says a woman’s ideal penis size is of average length (5-6 inches.)

In the meantime, wipe away your insecurities by learning the best sex positions for every penis size. That way size won’t matter.

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