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The Men’s Health European Summer Survival Kit

Whether you’re raving in Ibiza or stocking up on souvlaki in Mykonos, travelling half way around the world requires some serious consideration when it comes to packing. While underpants are a given, if you forget a few must-haves, you’ll be kicking yourself back to Australia.


If you find yourself partying it up on the Mediterranean islands, chances are you won’t be wearing a t-shirt. So this is the perfect time to pull out a pair of boardies that will make a statement. Bold colours will only get better as you tan but If you are fully clothed, test aztec or more colourful patterns against a neutral coloured shirt – that way no one can call you a peacock.


Your eyes require protection from the summer’s sun too and while you’re at it, it’s a good time to add a flattering accessory. Europe is no place for two dollar servo-sunnies. Keep it simple with a spin on the classic – think Ray-Ban club masters or the round fleck style. MH Tip: there could be a trend returning – the sunglasses strap…stay tuned.  


The best thing about Europe is that you can test the boundaries with fashion. And while the classic slide has been back in for last year or two, you’ll never feel more at place donning them as you sail through Croatia. Feel free to go for something more left field, whilst keeping with a classic look. Our pick, these Bally rubber poolside sandals, in colour of the season; lobster. 



The Leather Duffel Bag 

If you’re trip involves jumping from island to island, living out of a suitcase can be difficult. So invest in a good leather duffel bag that will survive constantly being thrown around while also looking exceptionally good. It’ll also fit in the overhead locker so if your luggage gets lost, you won’t be stuck in the tracksuit pants you left Sydney in. 

Adventure Cam

If you don’t have an adventure camera for those underwater moments, you’re likely doing Europe wrong. Take advantage of the idyllic colours for the perfect ‘gram. You can also rest easy knowing the protective shell can withstand most environments.  

In-Ear Buds

Studies have shown that working up a sweat is great for your immune system. So if you’re overseas, fitting in some exercise is a great way to avoid a cold while also making sure that your rig is ready for the Ios. Take a pair of bluetooth headphones that can double up for travelling and for early morning runs. 

Hydration Station

Chances are your first weekend will get out of control so you better hope you’re prepared. Stock up well on electrolytes to help nurse yourself back to full health. 

The Travel Wallet

Imagine being able to keep all your travel documents and charging chords in one place…oh wait you can. There are some great stylish travel wallets out there, made from leather and built to last even if you’re constantly on the move. 

Tell The Time

It’s easy to lose track of time abroad, especially with the time difference. Now’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with a more exuberant watch or a slightly more colourful wristband. 

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