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The MH Guide to Running The Race of Your Life

As winter fades away and spring starts to hit full swing, you know what season it is…running season.


If you’ve been disciplined over the cooler, wetter months and haven’t let all your summer progress go to waste, your body might be ready to handle the longer events.


However for most people who struggle to attack their winter fitness regimen at the same ferocity, you might need a little polishing up before diving head-first into the deep end.


The last thing you want is to register for a running event, train half-arsed and pull your hamstring five minutes into the race, right?


Never fear about tearing your hammy. Instead, start focussing on smashing your PB. Whether you prefer shorter or longer events, we all have something to aim for. Men’s Health has teamed up with professional marathon runner Vlad Shatrov to give you all the tips you need to know to pulling off the race of your life.


1. Top Tips to Effectively Run a PB


Running coach Vlad Shatrov reveals the secrets to smashing a new personal best, including how to nail a water stop station. The marathon expert has snatched and grabbed countless cups of water over his 10-year career and admits there is more to it then just stopping for a drink. Aim for the queue jump.


2. Top Tips to Racing on Different Terrain

Vlad has completed countless races across every imaginable terrain. With over 10 years running experience there’s a thing or two he knows about tackling uphill slopes and downhill gradients. Use his tips and training techniques to build core and quad strength with ladder and rubber band drills.

3. Top Tips to Improving Your Running Pace in Training

Shatrov encourages developing upper body strength to improve your running pace. Push-up variations, TRX suspension training and skipping drills are a few of his tried and tested workouts from a 10-year career. Get involved and set your sights on a new personal best.

Now you have all the tools you need to smash your current PB, it’s time to put them into action. Looking for a race? Sign up to The Sunday Age City 2 Sea on Sunday, November 20.

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