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MH Tech Review: Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit has dived headfirst into the smartwatch realm releasing their first smartwatch in October of 2017. The Fitbit Ionic flaunts a 4-day battery life, sleep tracking, music storage and Bluetooth. After being a devotee of the Fitbit Blaze, I thought I would crank it up a notch and test this bad boy out.


Without going into too much detail, I’m going to highlight my favourite features and not so favourites. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to receive calls, texts and emails from your wrist also allowing you to check the weather with a simple swipe! 

Fitbit has also invested their time in the best heart rate tracking in the business, PurePulse ® tracking ensures the greatest accuracy in all exercises for example cycling, intervals and running as well as tracking your resting heart-rate 24/7. The addition of their new SpO2 sensor could also potentially lead to tracking important health indicators (like sleep apnea) so watch this space.

Fitbit Coach

One of my favourite things about the Ionic is the personal training feature Fitbit Coach. Not only do you get on device workouts you have access to a magnitude of workouts through Fitbit’s new app. Rumour has it that in 2018 audio coaching sessions to help increase your endurance, speed and form will be available *fingers crossed*.

Fitbit Ionic Charcoal Grey



Fitbit’s latest smartwatch has a premium look and feel. Less bold colours, more polished finishes and bands. The band is also more secure than the Blaze and doesn’t pick up the dirt, sweat and grime of everyday life.

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After rigorous testing (I am still wearing it so it continues), I can confirm the four-day battery life. This included using Bluetooth notifications and my constant fiddling. 

Fitbit Pay

Unfortunately, this was one feature that I was disappointed in. Firstly, in Australia Fitbit is only compatible with three of the major banks. Once set-up you manually need to enter a pin for just about every feature including simply looking at your step count. I also know Fitbit has nothing to do with this and you can call me old school but I am comfortable yet with having my wallet on my wrist.

The Round-up: 

There’s no going back after you’ve given the Ionic ago. With its streamlined look and feel it is hard to remember what life was like without it.

Thumbs Up

  • The first waterproof device from Fitbit means one device for all activities
  • Battery life – four days of running, jumping, swimming and sleeping!

Thumbs Down

  • Pay function only works for selected Aussie banks and you then need a pin to even look at your step count
  • Alarm “buzz” turns off very quickly – beware heavy sleepers!
  • You need to have recently synced phone to get up to date weather info.

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