MH Tech Review: Plantronics BackBeat Fit | Men's Health Magazine Australia

MH Tech Review: Plantronics BackBeat Fit | Men’s Health Magazine Australia

For most of us finding an earbud that works well when you sweat during a workout is hard to find and in a country like Australia, a workout is considered incomplete without an earbud, of course! And if you are one of those fitness folks who is looking for a sports headphones that are stable and fit comfortably with a not so high price, then Plantronics BackBeat Fit could be a perfect choice for you as compared to the others in the market.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit is completely an exercise focused pair which is quite rugged in design, offers a decent sound quality, and comes with an integrated microphone with an IP57 rating (dust and immersion protected) as well.

Awesome Design

The BackBeat Fit Wireless Sports Headphones is available in different shades of Blue, Grey, Green, Fuchsia, Red, Blue, Green and Black. They have an ultrathin polymer P2i coating and are sweat & waterproof, hence perfect for your daily great workout. They initially look like a pair of cool headphones, but actually, have in-ear style cool earbuds that are connected with a flexible band. They are quite comfortable but at the same time, everything is not perfect or comfortable for everyone.

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The best part of the headphones is that they have a rubber-like look that makes them quite flexible and easy to wear. They weigh only 24 grams which are lighter when compared to the previous Plantronics sports models. And as they are wireless, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in anything. And yes, you are good to go and run anywhere.

On the other hand, the headband sometimes flops up and down while running and it may bother some of the folks as there is no cord adjustment with this model. A workaround could be to tie the cord with a rubber band to adjust the size according to your neck. But on the good side, the controls are located right on the ear tops and you can easily use them to skip the track or to adjust the volume accordingly which is great.

Battery & Performance

Plantronics headphones come with eight hours of battery life while listening to music, up to 14 days on standby and just take two hours to recharge them which is quite longer than the average as well.

Most of the folks would be happy with the sound quality as it is quite detailed and has some bass as well but it seems to dip in noisier surroundings.

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The Round-Up

I would say the BackBeat Fit is a flexible, durable and waterproof sports headphone that meets the IP57 rating. It is a cool headphone that you can use while doing workout and enjoy all the features of decent sound, good battery life, ambience surrounding noise incorporated into one device. Whether they are worn inside or outside on the road, the open design of the earbud lets you hear all the sound around you which makes them perfect to wear anywhere.

Thumbs Up

  • Flexible and Durable
  • Sweat and Waterproof resistant
  • Good ambience of the outside noise
  • 8-hours battery life
  • An integrated microphone
  • Controls on the right earbud that makes it quite handy
  • Well balanced sound

Thumbs Down

  • Flopping headband
  • May not fit comfortably on all ears

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