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Michael B. Jordan’s Outdoor Swim, Circuit, and Meditation Workout

Michael B. Jordan has taken a series of muscular roles on his ascent to acting superstardom—but the man behind champion boxer Adonis Creed, arch-antagonist Erik Killmonger, and Navy SEAL John Clark in his most recent film, Without Remorse, didn’t use movie magic to fit the parts. His body was built through hard work.

At a certain point, though, Jordan needs to dial back all the rugged workouts and enjoy some R&R. That’s where the MH crew caught up with Jordan for a cover story and video shoot, as he enjoyed some time in Saint Bart’s. But that doesn’t mean he’d just quit putting his body through the paces to maintain his lofty status as People’s 2020 Sexiest Man Alive—and just as importantly, to keep healthy and clear his mind through movement and meditation.

Jordan’s routine is quick, effective, and most of all, friendly to his body. He includes laps in the pool with dumbbell circuits, emphasising high reps over lifting crushing amounts of weight. “Especially with me, with all these injuries over the years, being in the water really just keeps my joints comfortable, it takes the pressure off some of my injuries using the water resistance,” he says. After hitting the weights, ball slams, and battle ropes, Jordan ends his training session with meditation to keep his mind focused. All of this helps him adapt his training style to fit the next role at hand.

Take a note from Jordan and include a training day like this in your routine, especially when you feel like your body is overtaxed. This type of workout isn’t easy, but you might feel better afterwards than the days where pushing weight is your ultimate goal. And if you can take on the session in a place in Saint Bart’s like Jordan did—well, you’ll probably be feeling pretty great.

Michael B. Jordan’s Outdoor Workout

First thing in the morning before eating

Dumbbell Circuit
Perform 10 rounds of this circuit, using a descending ladder rep scheme (start the first round with 10 reps, the second with 9 reps, until you reach 1).

Dumbbell Curls

Push Press

Bent-Over Rows

Ball Slams
3 sets of 10 to 12 reps

Battle Ropes
3 sets of 30 seconds


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