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Michael Jordan Catches 200kg Blue Marlin, Proves He’s Good At Everything

If The Last Dance doco taught us anything about Michael Jordan, it’s that there aren’t many sports the guy isn’t skilled at. Shooting hoops (obviously), hitting base (see: his brief-but-promising baseball career), even reeling in tonners. Scratching your head at that last point? We’re referring to his efforts at the Big Rock Marlin Fishing Tournament in North Carolina earlier this week.

The 57-year-old – along with his crew, Catch 23, – caught a MASSIVE blue Marlin weighing more than 200kg. Admittedly, they came in sixth place which took them out of the running to score US $3.4mil in prize money. But footage taken at the event shows MJ looking pretty darn stoked with his efforts anyway.

Check out him posing with a cigar in hand and the Big Rock Hat On…

In an interview posted to the tournament’s Facebook page, MJ said he was looking forward to participating again.

“I would love to be back with a little bit bigger fish,” he said.

Perhaps its time to bring out a line of ‘Water Jordan’ fishing gear? Just an idea…

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