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Olympic Legend Michael Klim Shares His Full-Body Backyard Workout

If you thought Olympic gold-medallist Michael Klim’s best days were behind him, think again. At 41 years of age, Klim is seemingly fitter, stronger and more committed to his health than most, continuing to inspire and motivate Aussie well beyond his Olympic years.

Michael Klim, a household name thanks to his Olympic success in the pool, is now a serial entrepreneur, with a ballooning skincare empire, and swim school in Melbourne’s Richmond.


Klim is currently residing in Bali with his 3 kids, regularly swimming, boxing and exploring the island with his family. And the Olympic legend hasn’t let injury or a hectic schedule hold him back from training whilst on dad duty, regularly taking to his Balinese backyard to complete workouts and sharing them to Instagram.

“Restricted by injury can be tricky mentally but one of the things I learnt during my swimming days is to focus on what you ‘can do’ rather then what you ‘can’t do’,” said Klim in a recent post.

And what he ‘can do’ is a helluva lot, even without the traditional amenities of a gym. The man is in peak physical condition, perfect for his additional role as an expert on ‘lifestyle optimisation’, working with active health retreat Chosen Experiences as a mindset and goal setting coach.

Just last week Klim took time out of his intense schedule to share a full body ‘backyard blitz’ workout with his followers.

“[The workout is] No childs play,” said Klim in the post. “It’s amazing how much punishment one can inflict with a 22kg water gallon!”
Take Klim’s lead, grab a bottle, and give his workout a try. The challenge has been set!

Klimmy’s Backyard Blitz

*Grab a 22 litre water bottle and fill. If a water bottle isn’t readily available, either use a 22kg weight or fill a backpack with sand/dirt. Get creative, you can make it work. 

50 x burpees 
100 x squats
100 x single arm bend over rows (50 each arm)
100 single-arm water gallon swing (50 each arm)
100 dead lifts 
50 hollow-rock
100 bicep band curls

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