Mobile Phone Usage Way Down On Valentine's Day Says Data | Men's Health Magazine Australia

Chivalry Is Not Dead, According To New Statistics

Prepare to have your faith in humanity restored. According to new data released by mobile service provider amaysim, couples were putting down their phones and enjoying some face-to-face communication this Valentine’s Day, proving that nothing beats real human connection, and that we’re still willing to put our partner first.

The company provided statistics based on the usage of their 1.1 million users across Australia, showing a 39 per cent drop in data usage on when compared with normal Wednesday nights. The drop in usage can be explained in two ways, according to MH relationship expert Allen Pike. “Not only were people turning off their phones during their dates, but it’s more than likely that single folk were avoiding reminders of their loneliness,” explains Pike. 

While you’d expect this drop to be sad news for a mobile provider, amaysim CEO Julian Orgin was optimistic. “We are very happy when they put their phones aside on a special day like this. Time together is the most valuable thing and our best in class customer experience platform empowers people to get on with living,” said Orgin.

The data showed some interesting trends surrounding our Valentine’s Day habits and the way we express our love to our partners, both in real life and digitally. Whilst data usage was well down on the night, text messages were up by 46 per cent on Valentine’s Day morning according to the results. It’s suggested that this is a result of early morning texts between couples, sharing the love.

In probably the most surprising results of the survey, two amaysim users have been sprung and exposed as stage five clingers. One overly keen Queenslander rang the same phone number 146 times on Valentine’s (no data on whether those calls went unanswered or not). While another love struck customer from New South Wales apparently sent 523 text messages to the same number. That works out to be a very intense 22 text messages per hour, and a very good reminder that a lot of us still need to kick the phone habit.

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